CBID Cores

COBRE CBID is to provide the necessary mentor support and infrastructure to ensure the success of junior investigators in acquiring NIH funding. In addition to an administrative core, CBID has established three research core laboratories that enable a variety of research applications, and provide research support to investigators.

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides coordination of the overall research effort and administrative leadership for COBRE CBID as a whole.

Staff working at a laptop

Infectious Disease Assay Development Core

The Infectious Disease Assay Development Core (IDAD) provides assay development and high throughput screening technologies for identifying chemical probes against infectious disease targets,

Researcher using a pipette in a laboratory

Computational Chemical Biology Core

The Computational Chemical Biology Core (CCB) provides structure and ligand based drug discovery, protein modeling, and chemoinformatics.

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Synthetic Chemical Biology Core

The Synthetic Chemical Biology Core (SCB) provides synthesis of novel and commercially unavailable small molecules, fluorescent molecules, and peptides.

Researcher entering data on a screen in a laboratory while being watched by a student

Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Cytometry Core (FC) provides access to flow cytometry and cell sorting instrumentation and expertise to researchers.

Green Laser hitting a metal sphere

It is a federal requirement (Stevens Amendment) to cite CBID Center (P20GM113117) contributions within the acknowledgement of any manuscript or publication.