Completed Pilot Projects

InvestigatorAffiliationProject DatesProject Title
Ackley, BrianKU Molecular Biosciences2018 - 2020On again, off again: Is pH a critical factor in pathogen killing?
Berkland,  CoryKU Molecular Biosciences2018 - 2019Modification of antibiotics to improve lung retention after inhalation
Biswas, IndranilKUMC Microbiology, Molecular Genetics & Immunology2016 - 2018Developing Assays to Identify Inhibitors of Hfq of Acinetobacter Baumannii
Bloom, StevenKU Chemistry2020 - 2021Illuminating Old Catalysts for the Synthesis of Anti-Infective HIV Peptides
Bose, JeffreyKUMC Microbiology, Molecular Genetics & Immunology2018 - 2019Biochemical Characterization and Immunological Consequence of MRSA Fatty Acid Kinase
Chandler, JosephineKU Molecular Biosciences2019 - 2020Chemical biology studies of malleilactone, a small-molecule toxin produced by Burkholderia pseudomallei
Davido, DavidKU Molecular Biosciences2016 - 2018The Chemical Biology of HSV Gene Expression
Deeds, EricKU Molecular Biosciences2018 - 2019Novel Strategies for Proteasome Inhibition in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
DeKosky, BrandonKU Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering2016 - 2018A New Experimental Platform to Analyze anti-gB Antibodies in Human B Cells
Govind, RevathiKSU Division of Biology2016 - 2018Curtailing Clostridium Difficile Virulence
Hardwidge, PhilipKSU Depts. of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology2019 - 2020Bacterial glycosyltransferase inhibitors as anti-virulence compounds
Hutchison, JustinKU Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering2020 - 2021Phage-protein based removal of pathogenic non-tuberculous Mycobacterium from drinking water
Sathyamoorthy, ShyamKU Medicinal Chemistry2020 - 2021First Enantioselective Syntheses of Bactobolins A, B, and Analogue Antiobiotics
Wang, Michael ZhuoKU  Pharmaceutical Chemistry2018 - 2019Identification of CYP5122A1 inhibitors as therapeutic agents for leishmaniasis
Zückert, WolframKUMC Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Immunology2019 - 2020Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bacterial Surface Lipoprotein Secretion